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Updated: Mar 8, 2020

treehouse ladder used in the home

It all began with my husband's childhood tree house ladder. The old treehouse needed to come down, the ladder needed a home, and I had an idea. I remember I worked a night shift, and after I woke up from sleeping the next day, he and his Dad had hung the ladder in the hallway at the top of our stairs. I think it was the second time I awoke to a project being finished, and it definetely took some of the after night shift pains away! It has been fun to decorate, but I mostly love it being there because it's a piece of his childhood. Currently, I have pictures of our childhood on it, but it has turned out to be an extremely versatile decorative piece.

I love blanket ladders. Whether you buy one, or make one, it is so easy to find a spot for one, in any home I think! We have ours in the living room, and I currently only have blankets on it. My hope is to hang a plant on it as well (not an idea from pinterest, but from seeing it while facetiming one of my sisters!). I really enjoyed putting a wreath on it at Christmas, so I think a plant will complete the look I'm going for.

blanket ladder

Sticking with the more practical uses of ladders, we use one in our entrance for shoes. Not that it holds all our shoes, but I'm not sure if there is an easy solution to the million pairs of shoes problem, with five kids! This shoe ladder works for us right now, it's not in the way, and I like the look.

shoe ladder

The final ladder we have in our home is a simple birch wood ladder my husband created to go on our porch. At Christmas we hang lights on it, which is probably my favorite use of it. Although with spring soon approaching, I'm envisioning hanging little plants on it ( of course!).

birchwood porch ladder

Has this made you think of a way to use a ladder in your home?

Thank you, as always, for stopping by.

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