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To Tidy, Or Not To Tidy?

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

tidy entrance

Tidying! A word near and dear to my heart. It's something I enjoy doing very much. For some reason, a tidy home keeps my mind tidy. I know many people struggle with keeping their homes tidy, so please know you are not alone! I would love to help you today with three tips that I try to implement daily.

1. Start in the kitchen. The kitchen, because we use it so much, gets seen. Sometimes only by ourselves and our family, but in my opinion it is probably the most important space to keep tidy. Clear off countertops, including islands, of unecessary clutter DAILY. Before every meal time, put things aways as much as possible. I like to make a pile of things that belong in other parts of the home ( but have magically made their way into our kitchen throughout the day!) and whenever I have a chance, I put them away. I often delegate this task to the kids, actually! They see my "pile" on the island, and grab things that belong to them.

2. Pick up everything off the floor. Whether that be toys, books, clothes, the point is to at least get it off the floor. This part is obviously easier if your storage systems for these things are easily accesible, such as baskets and bins ( another topic on its own, which I will probably address at a later time). I notice if I don't pick things off the floor ( even in the playroom), the mess which can accumulate the next morning leaves me "behind", before the day has even started! It takes work to keep on top of things, but it is much easier to tidy small messes and prevent the stressful feeling of never being able to catch up.

3. Tidy up your entrance. This space is inevitably going to get used the next day, so make sure things are picked up, put away, and there is space to come and go. This space can get very full and cluttered throughout the day ( especially in Canadian winter months!), so think ahead. Do what you can to keep this space welcoming. Even if it's something you have to repeat day in, day out, make it your routine. Get your kids involved. Simplify where things go ( again, another topic for another day!).

We all have seasons where it's easier to stay on top of tidying and cleaning our homes, so please know I am not saying I do this perfectly all the time. I just have seen the benefits when I try. That is my hope for you today. If it feels too overwhelming, just do one thing. Concentrate on your kitchen for an extended period of time, and see how it makes you feel. Then take on one more thing, and so on. But keep going.

Tidy on! And let me know how it goes. Is there an area of tidying you would like help with?

Thank you for stopping by!

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