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Displaying books

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Where are your books kept in your home? There are SO many ways to creatively display books, and it honestly gets me excited. I love walking into a home and seeing books. On shelves, tables, beside a comfy chair. It tells a bit of a story about the people living there. I thought I'd go through some of my favorite ways we've displayed books in our home.

I think we have books in almost every single room. I rotate many of the books through the house seasonally, and have put our favorites on display in a variety of ways. One of our first book storage projects we created was a crate book shelf in the living room. It was easy to make and provided ample book storage. I love it because it naturally divides the sections for me, which completes my desire to keep things organized. It actually makes picking up books easier as well as even the young kids get used to where the books belong. Next to it I added a single crate, which is currently filled with all non-fiction books, pleasing my ten year old very much.

crate bookshelf

In the bedrooms, we decided to use a wagon for books in one room, and a wire cage in another room. I wanted the books to be easily accesible for the younger kids, but I also wanted to be creative with how I displayed them. Style and function merging together, two of my favorite things! My husband built some simple wooden shelves in our eldest daughter's room, which gave her the extra space she needed in a smaller room.

book waggon

book cage

shelf DIY

Current book inspiration: Top book in our living room right now is this one. In the little girl room, we are throroughly enjoying this book. The boys, being hockey fans read this story at bedtime. My eldest daughter started a new series last summer, so this book can be found in her room. Happy reading!

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