• Sarah Reid

Summer decorating

When I think of decorating my home for the summer, I like to keep things very simple. I like to clear away all things that are just adding clutter, and then only bring in one thing! Flowers. It doesn't have to be many flowers, but even a little adds a nice summer feeling to the home.

I love adding flowers to three main area in our home. I love adding fresh flowers to our fireplace mantle, in the center of our dining room table, and on shelves in our living room. I took one arrangement I was given and divided it up to make it go farther. One of the easiest ways to display flowers is simply in mason jars, because we all probably have some on hand.

That's it for now! I hope this inspires you to start growing, cutting, and bringing flowers into your home during the summer. Thank you, as always for stopping by.

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