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Pantry organization


I was cleaning out our pantry yesterday, and I thought I would share my top three tips for organizing the pantry. We are fortunate to have a walk in pantry, but the tips apply to all pantries.

The pantry is most likely a space that gets used often. It doesn't take long for things to accumulate, and get out of place( or at least in our house!) Every so often, I like to take everything out, wipe down the containers and shelves, discard anything expired, refill containers, and label a few new containers. Because it's a space I look at several times a day, I always enjoy when it's more pleasing to the eye.

My number one tip is to store as much as possible in containers. I prefer glass containers, but I also have some plastic ones. For awhile after we moved in, I would pick up a few containers every time I went grocery shopping. That way, it didn't seem overwhelming to go out and buy a large amount of containers.


My second tip is to get creative! I like to use baskets for many, many things! The goal is to get as much "loose" stuff off the shelves. So use what you have. Get creative. It's not about going out and buying all new things. If you don't have spare baskets lying around, then keep your eyes peeled for second hand baskets and containers you could use. One other favorite storage item I use in our pantry are magazine holders that I use to store small stand up things such as ziploc bags and aluminum foil, and chip clip holders. It's all about taking an inventory of what kinds of things you store in your pantry, and thinking about ways to store them neatly.


My last tip is just a little something extra you can add to your pantry so that it smells nice and fresh every time you open the doors! I add baking soda to small mason jars, along with a few drops of essential oils. Some of my favorite oils to add are peppermint, orange, and lemon. I have a few mason jar lids with holes at the top, but if you don't have those, you can just cut out scrapbook paper the size of the lid, and pierce holes through it.

And there you have it! Three ways you can get started TODAY on cleaning out that pantry!

We have a screen door on our pantry, so I added a faux plant and flowers on the top shelf just for fun! What do you think? Do you enjoy cleaning out your pantry?


Thank you, as always, for stopping by.

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