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  • Sarah Reid

Happy Plants

If you are currently living DEEP in winter, or just need something to brighten your day, let's talk plants. There are many articles out there explaining to us the health benefits of plants, but what is it about a plant that really brings LIFE into a space ( besides the obvious part of it being alive)? When I look around at the plants in our own home, I can't help but feel happy when I look at them. Why is this exactly? Plants add a unique sense of beauty, provide purpose and a sense of accomplishment, and complete homes.

Plants are beautiful. I've stated the obvious, but just in case you are someone that gave up on a plant because it quickly died and shrivelled up and was no longer beautiful, I am here to tell you the beauty part takes a bit of work. But the kind of work that's worth it. The more attentive we are to their needs, the more beautiful they become. The more beautiful they become, the more happy we are to have them as part of our home. Happy plants, happy us.

Plants give us purpose. Now I don't mean sole purpose in living purpose, but I do mean we need to take care of them, and with that comes duty. With duty comes a sense of accomplishment and pride when we are able to perform this well. Going back to why I feel happy looking at our plants, it's partly because I did the work and kept them alive! Don't we all wants things in our home that make us feel happier, just by looking at them? Happy us, happy plants.

Plants fill in the gaps, a void often missing. In pretty much every space of my home, if I start to think something is missing, or not complete, the answer is a plant! When things are complete, it makes us happy.

Now, not to worry, I have a few suggestions for starter plants to get you on this road to happy plants in your home. My top three suggstions are snake plants, pothos, and succulents. When we moved into our home seven years ago, I started with these plants, and have found them to be fairly low maintenance. Delegating a watering day was a huge game changer, as well as including our kids in the care. My eldest daughter enjoys "watering Sundays", and has become so good at observing the plants that need attention. Happy kids, happy mom, happy plants.

I hope this gives you a little happy plant, happy home inspiration. Happy you, happy me. Thank you for reading along!!

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