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Hairpin leg bench three ways

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

I was so excited to come across this simple DIY hairpin leg bench tutorial from Christina here. I love when a DIY is both simple and affordable, and this was both. My husband bought me the wood for the bench, but this project could be done for around $20 if you happen to have spare wood lying around! We ended up buying these hairpin legs from amazon and have no complaints.

I made the bench to be used in our bedroom, but I also wanted to display it in a few more spots in our home, just in case your needs are different from mine. I moved it to the front entrance, under some hooks, and added some baskets underneath. Then I also created a "plant bench" which I thought was kind of fun, and seasonally appropriate as we get closer to spring!

hairpin leg bench

hairpin leg bench entranceway

haripin leg bench

I love moving things around in my home. When I'm in a styling rut, the first thing I do before anything else is change where I have put things. This includes everything from art and pictures on the wall to small little furniture pieces, such as this bench. Creativity for me often happens when I physically move and touch things in my home. Perhaps you too, are more creative than you think.

Do you enjoy moving things around in your home?

Thank you, as always for stopping by. ❤️

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