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  • Sarah Reid

Christmas Windows

It's that time of year. Often when I think about decorating for Christmas, I start with windows! Our Canadian winters often have us blessed with snow around this time of year, and I love to take off the summer screens, clean the windows, and make the window view even more enjoyable! When decorating any space, it's important to start with a clear, uncluttered space. I wouldn't recommend trying to decorate around things, but rather take away everything so you are left with a big open canvas ready for creativity! Next it is time to create a vision for your window. I started with my kitchen window, and my vision was simple. I wanted as much natural elements that I could find, again playing on the natural element of snow that was already in view! I gathered greenery, garland, mini trees and a wreath. I also wanted to add touches of white. For this I simply went into my dishware and pulled out a white vase ( that used to be a large coffee bodum actually!) and a few white bowls with simple Christmas designs ( a great time to buy things like this is at the end of the season). On my first attempt to lay things out, I took a picture, and found it was missing something ( a great tip when decorating any space is to take a picture!)I added a few pops of red and I liked it much better. A few strings of mini lights was the final thing needed to make my vision come to life! You might be thinking " I don't have any of those things!" And that is ok. If decorating windows is something you think you might do every Christmas, then you are probably going to benefit from investing in some basics. A nice wreath, some greenery, a garland, and some mini lights will set you on your way, and for the rest, you can improvise! This was the first time using all of these things together in one space for me, and it was all stuff I had. Maybe you have a nice Christmas mug that you could put a bit of greenery and a cinnamon stick in, or perhaps you have a nice white bowl you could use for a simple display of greenery, pinecones, or even a cute plaid tea towel rolled up. If possible, try keeping it very simple to start, take a picture, and then perhaps add more thing. Less is often more, especially if decorating is something new for you. I hope these tips help you to create a beautiful window this Christmas! What did you think? I'd love to know!

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