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Bathroom makeover

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

We've lived in our house close to seven years now. Although I will say I have never stopped reorganizing and redecorating, I honestly haven't done much with the bathrooms. Until now! Recently during this quarantine, I made over our powder room, and a few months ago, we decided to tackle the kids/guest bathroom. I am so, so happy with how it turned out. So much so, the kids keep asking me, "are you looking at the bathroom AGAIN?"


The bathroom is a good size, and less than ten years old. It wasn't in the budget or plans to change the vanity, lights, or flooring. So the first thing I did was brainstorm other ways I could change and update things. I decided the main cost of the space would be delegated to one shiplap wall. I picked the largest wall, hoping it would be just the right amount of impact to transform the space. The rest of the cost would be spent on building a few things, and accessories.

The first thing I did in the space was paint. Painting is such an easy, cheap, and effective way of refreshing a space. I painted the remainder of the walls white to tie in with the rest of the house. Once my husband had the time, he started the shiplap wall. We didn't actually use real shiplap, but tongue and groove pine, mainly because of cost. We've used this in other areas of our home, and are happy with how it turns out. (side note if you do go this route it is important to use an oil or shellac based primer so the knots on the pine are sealed properly).

I decided on this paint color for the boards for the wall. Paint color is always a hard choice for me, but in the end I knew I wanted something light, and I'm very happy with how the color looks in the space. I was also unsure whether I wanted the boards placed horizontal or vertical. So I added another little wall to the plan! That way I could do vertical on the large wall, and horizontal on the smaller wall with the window. In my mind, it also made the other side of the room less "unfinished', or "left out" because there were two different things going on with the other side of the room rather than just one thing that suddenly stopped. Make sense?

Treatment wall:

Once the wall was done (it was finished in a weekend), I could move on to my favorite part! The details. I had so much fun thinking of how I would accessorize the space. Shelves and hooks were a given, but I was also happy that we were able to make exactly what I wanted for a very low cost. I searched everywhere for floating shelves that were reasonably priced, and the look I wanted, with no luck. My husband was able to make pretty much exactly what I wanted for under $20. I was so pleased! Putting plants on them made me even happier! Seriously, how did I not have plants in the bathroom before?? Never again!

Making a peg rack has also been on my list for quite awhile now, and again, for such a low cost, we made one that suits the space so much! Current favorite thing hanging from it is a cotton string bag storing the toilet paper. Function and style.. you know I love when they meet! Finally I decided to reuse our old hooks for the towels, and just spray paint them black.

Bathroom makeover shiplap wall DIY
Bathroom DIY

What do you think? This wasn't a huge project, but I hope it encourages you that even some change can truly transform a space. Our kids obviously use this bathroom everyday, but it is also used by our many guests throughout the year (during normal times!). I can now say this space makes me very happy!

Thank you, as always, for stopping by.

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